In 1992 game nights were replaced by Pioneers Clubs. First Reformed Church of Grandville and Fifth Reformed Church went together to buy a 15 passenger van for the ministry. The year ended with a great Christmas party at the Brouwer’s barn with real live animals.

In 1993 a 12-step Group was formed and a women’s group. This year began the annual Vacation Bible School for children. Work crews came in and worked on the house to get it up to code and simply in better shape.

In 1994 the ministry had its first Easter breakfast and for the first time we sent a group of kids to Camp Rainbow, a free week of camp paid for by the Synod of the Great Lakes for inner city kids. This year Jennifer DeVries joined the staff and began a summer long day camp.

In 1995 Carol & Steve moved into the neighborhood across the street from the ministry house. Sunday School was becoming a church as adults began to attend. 15 people are baptized and the house no longer holds the church. The game room is disassembled to be the worship center. Summer Day Camp is continued.

In 1996 in addition to the Teen Summer Program, the teens make a trip to Neon Kentucky to work on a Synod project house for a low income family. The work is hard and the culture is a shock to them, but they all make it. Pioneer Clubs are replaced with a program out of California called Confident Kids. In church a group of musicians from DeColores commit to come each week and play. This year Tim Allspach from Standale Reformed Church begins to draw up the plans for a new building in the neighborhood.

In 1997 some property is purchased for the new building. Tim has completed the plan and it is approved by the city. The Sierra Club begins a program called Inner City Outing (ICO) aimed at getting kids out of the city and experience nature. It is for fun, but also to develop a sense of responsibility for the earth. This is the summer that in addition to camp, etc. CSM joins up with His Place Ministry and two professional basketball players to do a week long basketball clinic. Gentle Shepherd mentoring program is started to join an adult and a child or teen who needs a friend/mentor. It lasts for about 4 years. Four more people were baptized including a teen mom and her infant son.

In 1998 VBS was special building a small church building and all kinds of great projects using the Veggie Tales material. The Teen Summer Program takes on a new format as Summer Adolescent Leadership Training (SALT) with the teens doing community service, learning how to handle money, doing a risk adventure, having a spiritual component, setting and accomplishing goals and some fun. At the end of the summer this group became the first Youth Group during the school year.

In 1999 CSM joins with His Place Ministry to rehab a donated house to sell to a low income family. With a great deal of volunteer labor, the house is like new for a family. A girl’s group is formed to do things only girls like to do. The SALT program adds a new aspect to it by teaming up a business mentor with each one of the participants. At the end of the year the teens put on a carnival for all the neighborhood kids. Eight more people are baptized.

In 2000 the ground is broken for the new building. The ministry hires the first Social Worker to help families to set and accomplish goals. The church starts meeting at the gymnasium at Creston Plaza anticipating the move into a new building.

In 2001 a new, 7,200 square foot facility was completed and occupied. Along with classroom space and a large meeting room to do programming, the facility also has a laundry room for those who cannot afford to do laundry, an ATM for banking, and showers for folks who need a place to keep clean. The showers also facilitate bringing work groups into the neighborhood. This is the year CSM joins with City Vision to be part of the Individual Development Account program to facilitate families acquiring a first house, start a business, or get a high education by matching their maximum $1000 with a 1:2 or a 1:3 match. Summer programs expand with options like reading club, gymnastics, more weeks of Bible School, etc.

In 2003 the organization became two separate organizations; a Christian Community Development Organization (CCDO) and an organized church of the Reformed Church in America. The church is a place where the grace of God is emphasized to a hurting neighborhood. The CCDO continues to carry on the work of housing, training of young men and women to be leaders, education of adults in life skills including financial management, job skills and values, marriage & relationships. The CCDO also continues to offer counseling, children’s programs, and support groups for people with addictions. The vision is that families in the Belknap Neighborhood will be impacted in a holistic way to become as healthy and functional as God created them to be.

In 2004 enters into a partnership with City Vision to do the “Healthy Marriage/Healthy Relationship” program which is a series of classes around relationships done with experiential learning. The Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC) begins the Story Bus. The Story Bus is a van that goes around to the parks in the neighborhood and reads to young children. This is also the first year that CSM did taxes for free so that low income families can be sure to get all the tax credits available to them.

In 2005 there was some expansion of children’s programs and an expanded tax program. About 400 taxes were done for families for free.